About Us

Fire Islanders are residents, property owners, business people, summer home renters and people who earn their livings on, or have retired to, this island. It is respect for and love of the island that is the one thing that all Fire Islanders have in common (and, often, precious little else!). Some of our families have been on Fire Island for over a century. Others bought a house, or rented for the first time, only last summer. But we’re all hooked, one way or another.

Why? Well, to start with, where else can you find 30 miles of southerly facing, white sand ocean beach within 50 miles of a major metropolitan center? One that is, by law, restricted to single-family residential use: no casinos, no heliports, no golf courses…and no cars! Just the bay, the ocean, a few good restaurants, and family and life-long friends to enjoy them with. Is it any wonder some of us go bananas when so-called “friends of the environment” want to step in and make improvements?

The Fire Island Association represents the interests of the owners of properties and businesses within the Fire Island National Seashore, Long Island, NY.  For more than 50 years the Fire Island Association has been sounding alarms, organizing resistance, shamelessly currying favor with politicians and in general making a pest of itself, all in an effort to prevent this very valuable baby from being thrown out with environmental bathwater.

The single most important thing any Fire Islander can do is to get involved at the community level by participating in the activities of his or her community association.