What We've Done

We’ve kept Fire Island a road free environment. (Well, for the most part.) People have been trying to build a road down the middle of Fire Island since the 1920s. When the effort got really serious in the 1950’s, with Islip’s plans for a concrete “service road” to Ocean Beach, the FIA predecessor group assembled fully 500 contrary-minded individuals to an Islip Town public hearing in Ocean Beach. This was on a weekday. In December. That opposition killed off the road then, but some are still trying. We can’t let them succeed.

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Some Things We're Working On Now

In 2003, FIA helped convince the Seashore to find a way to allow long-practiced community-sponsored beach scraping and dredge and fill projects to continue. The 2009 projects will place almost 2 million cubic yards of sand on the beaches of 11 communities. The cost will be met mostly with the aid of Brookhaven and Islip bonds, backed by a temporary property tax increase in participating communities.

We’re working with the Army Corps of Engineers in support of its Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point project. We have enlisted the support of the Suffolk County Executive and the Supervisors of the five affected south shore townships in the effort.

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