A Message about Donations to the Storm Recovery Effort

Our local fire departments have been instrumental in the intense recovery efforts and orderly re-occupation of Fire Island. Many members of these departments risked their lives and stayed on Fire Island through the hurricane. These dedicated fire department members are volunteers from our communities, and they deserve all the recognition and gratitude they have received. Many on-line and word-of-mouth campaigns have been organized up and down the Island to support the local fire departments with financial donations

In addition to making a donation directly to their own Fire Department, your residents may want to also support the following important causes:

1. Make a contribution to the Fire Island Command Post:

As many of you know, a Command Center for Storm recovery operations was set up at the Kismet Fire house for Suffolk County and Town of Islip Offices of Emergency Management, Fire Island National Seashore, LIPA, Verizon and various other Fire Island community fire departments. Although some costs for needed equipment may eventually be reimbursed by FEMA and other agencies, the Kismet Fire District has borne the cost of support for this operation to date, providing meals and sleeping quarters for OEM staff and first responders and volunteers from all Fire Island communities. The District has also provided fuel for the generator supplying 24/7 electricity and heat to the Fire House, telephone lines and gasoline for many support vehicles.

If you wish to make a tax deductible contribution to help defray some of these costs, checks may be sent to the:

Kismet Fire District, PO Box 5334, Bay Shore, NY 11706

Contributions for the Command Post can also be made on-line. Please visit:

https://www.fundraise.com/kismet- volunteer-fire-department/hurricane-sandy-relief-kismet-volunteer-fire-department

2. By Joining FIA, Support the Fire Island Fire Chiefs Council:

The Council represents the Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, and Ex-Chiefs of all the Volunteer Fire Departments on Fire Island. The purpose of this organization is to promote the best possible Fire and Emergency Medical Services on the Island, and to make improvements to these services with respect to Island- wide coordination of personnel, equipment, structure, operations and finance. In recognition of the critically important role of the close coordination and mutual aid provided by our Island Departments during Sandy, the Fire Island Association is donating all membership dues received between October 29th and December 31st of this year to the Fire Chiefs Council.

You can join FIA by visiting: www.fireislandassociation.org and clicking on the green JOIN US button. Credit cards are accepted on-line. You can also mail a check to:

FIA, PO Box 424, Ocean Beach, NY 11770.

The Battle of Fire Island

Read a recently found 183 page report authored in 1963 by Dr. Michael Fry, then affiliated with the Tri Community Association, of Fire Island. Fry describes with great detail, eloquence, & accuracy, the battle to preserve Fire Island, in response to the Moses road threat.

Read the Report (part 1)

Read the Report (part 2)

FINS Chief Ranger Lena Koschmann

From the Fire Island Tide -- an interview by Marianne Bastian

Even though she is far from her hometown of Gustavus, Alaska, Lena Koschmann, the new Chief Ranger at Fire Island National Seashore, feels like she is home. A second generation Park Ranger -- her parents worked in Glacier Bay National Park -- Lena jokes that she probably started working for the Park Service when she was 8 or 9 years old, going to work with her parents. She continued by volunteering when she was 18 and working seasonally through college where she completed her degree in Environmental Studies. Before starting at FINS in January 2012, Lena was Assistant Lena was Assistant Chief Ranger at Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina, and Supervisory Park Ranger at Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada and Arizona.

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Fire Safety Suggestions for Fire Island Homeowners

From The Ocean Beach Fire Department

Is it correct that heavy winds and arcing wires significantly contributed to recent house fires? What else are common contributors?

The Ocean Beach Fire department does respond to many calls for arcing wires. These calls are usually triggered by the combination of heavy winds and overgrown trees. Although the fires in OB last year occurred on very windy days, there have been no official determinations as to the origins of those fires.

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Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croci

From the Fire Island Tide -- an interview by Elaine Kiesling Whitehouse

Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croci has a love for Fire Island that started in his childhood. He also has an impressive record as a naval officer. Twice deployed to Afghanistan, Tom served with a Navy SEAL Team as the Intelligence Department Head. He has spent more than 200 hours flying in Navy aircraft, was a team leader for terrorism analysis and developed briefings for the president.

Tom was selected for some of the most difficult and sensitive leadership positions in the U.S. military. A commissioned naval officer, Lieutenant Commander Tom Croci was selected to represent the U.S. Navy in the White House Situation Room. Tom has also served as Deputy Executive Secretary of the Homeland Security Council for two United States presidents.

Now Islip Town is facing a serious budget deficit. Can a man with such an impressive military record find ways to cut the local deficit and raise revenues? He graciously agreed to discuss this issue and more with Fire Island Tide.

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