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Welcome to Fire Island

The Fire Island Association has been working hard on behalf of our 17 communities, each represented by community association leaders, other volunteer officers and two community mayors, who meet monthly and have been doing so for more than 56 years. We've sounded alarms over those decades on many issues important to Fire Islanders. Early on, we interceded on erosion issues and still do today. We were instrumental in preventing a paved four-lane highway and larger buildings from crowding in. Of our island’s 32 miles, only six miles are preserved as communities, and we see that as a good balance. The Fire Island National Seashore is now in the process of developing another General Management Plan, and the FIA is actively engaged on how the GMP affects our 17 communities. For more details on our accomplishments, click on the links at the right. If you're not already an FIA member, please consider joining us, the support of our members is what keeps us going.

Get involved with the GMP's Photo Scavenger Hunt

The following post is by courtesy of the Ocean Beach Association’s “Notes From the Beach”:

Vision Fire Island: Photo Scavenger Hunt [the deadline for submitting photos has been extended to October 16]

Get Involved: New General Management Plan for Fire Island

The National Park Service has begun working on a new General Management Plan (GMP) for Fire Island National Seashore. The current Plan, adopted in 1977, is at best, outdated.  Public scoping meetings were conducted in 2006, and foundation workshops have begun. You can sign up for the park’s E-Newsletter to get periodic updates of GMP progress and other current park news.  You also can share your ideas and opinions about the future management of the park and its programs as GMP planning continues.

As part of this planning, FINS has created a public participation process called Vision Planning.  This process includes a Photo Scavenger Hunt, which is described below.  No one knows the joys of Fire Island better than its residents; therefore, we urge you to snap your favorite Fire Island sites, those that you feel show the Fire Island you most cherish and submit them for inclusion in the Scavenger Hunt.  Complete directions are posted at: www.visionfireislandd.com