FIA Summer Meeting at the Pines

To FIA Directors, Members and Friends

There will be much to discuss at this year’s Summer Meeting at Fire Island Pines on July 18 – and we expect to have the right people doing the talking. I have spoken with County Executive Levy and he is trying to clear his schedule so that he can be with us.

In addition to county and municipal government roles in saving the Long Island shoreline, Mr. Levy might touch on levels of police protection and security in the Fire Island communities at a time of budget crisis. Gay and minority rights and the rights of immigrants are other issues the County faces.

  • Ginny Fields will discuss what is – or isn’t – going on in Albany
  • Chris Soller can talk about the park’s General Management Plan and other policy issues
  • Joe Vietri will bring us up to date on the ever-elusive FIMP project
  • Chuck Bowman and Kelly Risotto can talk about the community projects, their somewhat unexpected boon to Piping Plovers and Least Terns – and why that is good news for Fire Islanders.

Fire Island Ferries’ Tim Mooney will work with us to assure we get a good crowd to add to those expected from Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines. He is willing to assign three water taxis to the task but needs our help in getting people to reserve space on them. Otherwise, he won’t know what size water taxi to assign each of the routes. RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST.

Tentatively, based on discussion with Tim, Hugh O’Brien and Mary Parker, a taxi will depart Kismet at 9:45 a.m., stopping at Fair Harbor, Dunewood and Lonelyville before proceeding to Fire Island Pines.

A second taxi will pick up at Ocean Beach (Atlantique, if enough reservations are made) and stop at Seaview and Ocean Bay Park before proceeding to the Pines. We need a volunteer coordinator to make sure this runs smoothly. Any takers?

We expect the third taxi (Mary Parker’s bailiwick) will start at Davis Park at 10:15 and stop at Water Island before going on to the Pines.

The aim is to have all of these taxis arrive at Fire Island Pines comfortably before the 11:00 a.m. start time for the meeting. If these tentative times do not achieve the “comfortably before” criterion the departure times must be changed; please let us know if you think they should.

As you can see, this is complicated. It can only work if people make it work.  I’m hoping communities will spread the word by poster and word of mouth and appoint someone to collect the names and number-in-party information and get this to the boat coordinators and Tim Mooney, who will be the contact point for the water taxi people. (Tim’s cell phone number is 514-1990. The water taxi number is 665-8885.

This is the first time out of Ocean Beach for the FIA Summer Meeting in many years. We hope to return there next year and to alternate locations in odd-numbered years thereafter.

I hope to see you at the meeting.

Jerry Stoddard