Project Update 3-29-09

Despite equipment problems that prevented double pumping (where both of Weeks Marine’s dredges are at work in a single location) and a last-minute onset of bad weather, the projects at Fire Island Pines and Davis Park are expected to have been successfully concluded before the date at which activity at the eastern end of the projects must end under terms of the permit.

Weeks was at work dressing both beaches (the final step before equipment removal) on Sunday. Stockpiles of sand accumulated during the final day of sand pumping will be distributed throughout the eastern ends of the reaches to maintain as equitable distribution of sand as possible. A beach project is not over until a survey is performed to determine the extent to which the dredger has delivered and placed the amount of sand agreed on. But with dressing completed, Weeks will be moving its equipment from the eastern reaches to the central reach over the next three days.

Work will begin on the central reach (the fourth and final part of the community projects) as soon as the weather is calm enough to move the sub line there from Davis Park.  Moving the sub line requires calm seas, and the contractor hopes this will occur by Tuesday. That would allow pumping in central Fire Island to begin that evening.  The dredge B.E. Lindholm, which had equipment problems, should be back in service at around the same time. Thus, double pumping can begin as soon as the sub line is installed.  The sub line now at the Pines will also be installed in the central reach to maximize efficiency (each sub line with its own dredge). This will happen during the first favorable weather window after installation of the first sub line.

With decent weather, the entire project should be completed before April 25. Following project completion, Weeks will remove all equipment by barge during the earliest window of good weather.

Thanks to Coastal Planning’s Quin Robertson, Ph. D., for the information in this report.