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This video was created by the National Park Service's Harper's Ferry Center.

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Wind tunnel tests Jersey Shore sand, grasses for dune strength

WARETOWN — Inside an old vo-tech garage tucked deep in the New Jersey Pinelands is a Willy Wonka-esque contraption of plywood, plexiglass, and a few high-tech components that may help engineers understand just how coastal dunes – and the dune grass upon them – are built up over time so they can withstand the erosion of the howling winds and waves that rattle the Jersey Shore during ferocious storms.

Here in a building once used for boat storage at the Ocean County Vocational Technical School on Wells Mill Road is the brainchild of researcher Bianca Charbonneau: a 31-foot-long wind tunnel built to test how coastal plants such as American beachgrass and other species build coastal dunes over time.

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Fire Island Breach Stable 5 Years After Sandy, Study Says

Five years after Sandy breached Fire Island, the new channel between the Atlantic and Great South Bay is shifting, but stable and unlikely to increase bay-front storm flooding, a new study found.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) made the findings in what the federal agency billed as one of the most detailed scientific studies ever conducted of the early stages in the life of a barrier island breach.

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Fire Island Association Summer Meeting -- Rescheduled to Aug. 26 at 1:00pm in Ocean Beach

Join the FIA at the Community House in Ocean Beach on Saturday, August 26, at 1:00pm for a general update, words from FINS Superintendent, and a briefing on the shoreline management. Many Thanks to Fire Island Ferries for complimentary Water Taxi transportation to and from the meeting. Please contact your Property Owners Assn to make a reservation.

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Wind Power Comes to Long Island

Only a few years ago, the long-held dream of harnessing the strong, steady gusts off the Atlantic coast to make electricity seemed destined to remain just that. Proposals for offshore wind farms foundered on the shoals of high costs, regulatory hurdles and the fierce opposition of those who didn’t want giant industrial machinery puncturing the pristine ocean views.

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